The electoral juggernaut of the BJP is not likely to stop if the results from the exit polls are to be believed. The BJP is likely to dethrone the 25-year rule of the left front of the CPI(M) in Tripura, where the party is excepted to get a clear majority.While in Meghalaya and Nagaland, the party along with its allies the NPP and NDPP are most likely to form the government.


The state which has been known to be a left bastion, one of the few remaining, the other being Kerala, is likely to turn saffron as two out of the three major exit polls are giving the BJP and its ally the IPFT a clear majority.

As per the JaanKiBaat-NewX exit polls, the BJP-IPFT combine will win 35-45 seats, while the incumbent left font led by the CPI(M) will get 14-23.

The AxisMyIndia exit polls predict an overwhelming majority for the saffron party, which it gives 44-50 seats and left is excepted to win in 9-15.

The C-Voter exit poll, on the other hand, believes that it will be a close fight between the left and the BJP, where the former is excepted to win 26-34, while the latter and it's allies are excepted to rake up 24-32.

C-Voter predicts that the Congress win 0-2 seats, while the other exit polls predict that the party will not be winning any seats in the state.


With the BJP severing ties with the NPP and joining hands with the newly formed NDPP.

The BJP- NDPP is excepted to win 27-32 seats according to the JannKiBaat-NewsX exit poll while the C-Voter exit polls predict that it will win 25-31.The ruling NPF is excepted to lose power in the state with JannKiBaat-NewsX exit poll predicting that it will get 20-25 and the C-Voter giving it 19-25.

The party which is excepted to suffer huge loss is the Congress.

The C-Voter exit poll predicts it will get 0-2, while the JannKiBaat-NewsX predicts it will get 0-4 seats. Other parties and Independent candidates are excepted to get 5-7 seats as per JannKiBaat-NewsX exit polls. C-voter predicts that they will get 6-10 seats.


The BJP had earlier announced that it would go solo in the Meghalaya and it did not announce any pre-poll alliance, while its NDA alliance partner the NPP is also contesting elections alone.

With both the exit polls predicting a hung assembly with the NPP emerging as the single largest party, it will be interesting to see whether or not the two parties join hands to form the next government in the state.

C-Voter believes that the NPP will get 17-23, Congress will be winning 13-19 seats while the regional alliance of UDP-HSDP is excepted to win 8-12.BJP is expected to win 4-8 and Others 5-9.

The JaanKiBaat-News X exit Poll gives 23-27 seats for the NPP, 13-17 seats for the Congress while the BJP and others are predicted to win 8-12 and 2-6 seats respectively.

All the three have 60 seats and to win a majority a party has to win at least 31.