Justice Deepak Mishra, the Chief Justice of India has just delivered a ruling on a clutch of petitions claiming that judge Loyola had died an unnatural death and must be investigated. The bench headed by the CJI dismissed all the petitions and also passed strictures against some of the petitioners. Judge Loyola had been the judge hearing the case involving the BJP president Amit Shah.

The ruling has shocked the Congress party headed by Rahul Gandhi. MSN has reported that the bruised Congress has decided to move an application for impeachment against the CJI along with a few likeminded parties.


They have been able to collect 64 signatures and will submit the application for impeachment in the Upper House ( Rajya Sabha). All is not smooth sailing for the Congress, and a few important stalwarts like the ex-prime minister Manmohan Singh have refused to sign the petition.This is something that will not be to the liking of the Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Eminent jurists led by Soli Sorabjee have castigated the Congress for its action. Even the notable lawyer and former foreign minister in the Congress government, Salman Khursheed has disassociated himself from the move.

Pressurizing the judiciary

The Congress feeling the heat in a number of cases and losing all-round credibility has gone ahead with the impeachment.

It is basically a coverup action to try and discredit the judiciary and delay the decision on important cases like the Ram Mandir case and National Herald case where the Congress party president Rahul and his mother Sonia is an accused.

The impeachment application is just a gimmick as the Congress and its allies do not have the numbers in both the houses to carry the impeachment process forward.

They know this, but their entire aim is to put the CJI and the judiciary under pressure so that important cases are not decided against the Congress party. In particular, they do not want a decision on the Ram Mandir case as a decision in favor of the Ram temple could well spell a Congress route as their carefully cultivated Muslim vote bank would just fritter away.

No shortcuts

There is no reaction from the CJI as he is sitting smugly for the Congress just doesn't have the numbers for impeachment. But he could come under pressure as four senior judges have already sounded the war drum against him.

Rahul Gandhi is looking for shortcuts to seize power in Delhi but by such actions, he is lowering the credibility of the Congress party in the eyes of Indians and Modi may well win another term in 2019.