The BJP under Narendra Modi came to power in 2014. They promised a better life and greater protection to women and children. Unfortunately, the BJP has been unable to give leadership on this account and is enmeshed in politics of caste and working out permutations and combinations as to how to remain in power. The lackadaisical attitude of the top BJP leadership led to two horrifying rape cases, and in both cases, the criminals were shielded by the government. The Deccan Herald has reported that the BJP seriously miscalculated the intensity of public anger at their cover up actions.

First rape

The first rape case took place in Unnao, in UP. A young girl who had approached the local MLA Kuldeep Singh Senger for a job was repeatedly raped by him. Worse when the father protested he was mercilessly thrashed by the younger brother of the MLA, while he was in police custody. The thrashing resulted in the death of the father as the local government doctors refused to treat him. The girl had no choice and approached the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanand, but he refused to meet her. As a last resort, the girl attempted suicide in front of the CM's office. This was when the matter blew up. There was public outrage at the attempts of the CM to shield the culprit.

To get out of his predicament, Yogi Adityanand handed the case to the CBI who have arrested the MLA.

The CM has no face to explain why he was procrastinating over filing an FIR or a charge sheet against the MLA.

Jammu criminal act

Worse was to follow as an eight-year-old Muslim girl was kidnapped, drugged, and taken to a Hindu temple and repeatedly gang-raped. She was killed after a few days. But the BJP instead of moving against the culprits stoked the flames of communalism and made it a Hindu-Muslim issue.

The case was given a religious divide, and Hindu lawyers who are in the majority in Jammu refused to get the case registered, and top BJP leaders demanded the release of the alleged criminals who are in custody.

SC acts

The Supreme Court of India has now intervened and issued a show cause notice to the Bar Association in Jammu and the Kashmir government.

The BJP in both cases is playing up Hindu-Muslim divide to help the criminals. Modi is maintaining an enigmatic silence. One wishes he had spoken out as Trump does with his tweets. He must also understand that crimes against young girls should be treated as a crime like in the USA and not given a political color. The BJP is playing with fire, and with a general election due in 2019, Modi and party better beware.