The political situation in the kashmir Valley is red hot. Militancy which seemed to be gaining the upper hand has been dealt a big blow yesterday. In three separate encounters in South Kashmir, the Indian Army killed 13 Terrorists, and in the bargain 3 Indian soldiers were also killed. Four civilians lost their lives in the crossfire.

This is the biggest encounter conducted by the army for some time and has resulted in the maximum number of deaths of terrorists. The Economic Times has reported that last year following the orders of the Army chief general Bipin Rawat the armed forces have mounted a concerted offensive and 213 militants were killed.

Strike against Militants

This is the largest number of militants ever killed in Kashmir and points to a hardening of the attitude of the Army. Now the army has strict orders to retaliate with maximum force against the terrorists many of who are from Pakistan.

The Indian Army was also able to avenge the killing of lieutenant Ummer Fayaz who was killed while on leave in Kashmir. The man who reportedly shot dead the Army lieutenant was yesterday shot dead in the encounter, and one militant who felt the situation was hopeless surrendered to the security forces

General Rawat

The recent operations in the valley are part of the new doctrine of General Rawat. She has formulated a strategy to strike at the maximum terrorist force the new attitude is bearing fruit, and the number of terrorists killed has gone up considerably.

If this continues, there is a chance that the terrorists will not be able to execute their plans.


Pakistan for long has been trying to separate Kashmir from India, and they have been sending terrorists from across the birder. Despite this, the situation on the ground has not changed in favor of Pakistan. The problem in the Kashmir Valley is not likely to be solved in the near future.

Pakistan doesn't want a negotiated settlement and wants the entire state of Kashmir as part of Pakistan.

This is not likely to happen, and the result is that India will have to control Pakistani sponsored terrorism. The Indian government led by Modi has now realized that the only solution to the Kashmir problem and militancy is to eliminate as many hardcore terrorists possible.

The army has taken up this challenge, and the result is that if this rate of killing of militants continues there is a good chance that militancy can be wiped out in Kashmir like it was done in Punjab.