The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) got the clear majority on 26th May 2014. This victory was possible because of Narendra Damodardas Modi, whose good oratory skill and big promises gave India new hope. So, Indians choose Modi as the new Prime Minister of India as they all got impressed by the ideas, speeches and future plans of Modi to bring "Aachhe Din." Since coming to power, India has been going through a delicate phase and most of the promises made by Modi took place only in his speeches rather than in the real world. As the 2019 election is approaching, all the parties will start brainwashing the voters' minds about the future plans of their party.

This time, is it likely to be so easy for the BJP to win the hearts of the voters?

Scams and leaks

Over the past year,s every newspaper, news magazine or news channels, has covered the scams and the leaks taking place. Before coming to power, the BJP government criticized Congress and advised that the government is fully responsible for the scams and for leaks. Now, when the power is in BJP hands, why are the scams and leaks still taking place? These are leaks like 130 million Aadhar data from the government site, to the leak of the CBSC examination paper for the 10 and 12th class. The Modi government is failing to take strong action. Apart from that, the bank's scams which crossed 54,318 crores also raised many questions about the workings of the government.

Moreover, the truth revealed by the employee of Cambridge Analytica is that “Cambridge Analytica also helped BJP to win the elections including the mission +272 in the 2014 elections”, though it was all suspended by the BJP government.

Rise of Unemployment

Modi claims that 7 million new jobs had been created in one year but the target of the government is 10 million jobs in a year.

It seems harsh as the government merely generating 1.35lakh new jobs per year. In his 25th February report published by the UN labour shows that unemployment is at its peak by 31 million.

Farmer’s crisis

From 2014 to 2017 the National Crime Record Bureau of India reported 60,000 farmer’s suicides. The farmers organized the long march, hold hunger strikes to tell the government that they are in crisis.

The government pays deaf ear towards the agrarian crisis.


The Announcement made by the PM Modi is one of the most groundbreaking changes in the Indian Economy. The Indian PM banned the use of 500rs and 1000rs currency notes but the effect of demonetization is still be felt in the economy. The move taken by the Modi was condemned by the many economists and by the other parties. It also slows down the entire economic growth in various sectors. It is also one of the main reasons behind the rise of unemployment in India.


From 2014 something changed in India and that is the way we see the Color “Saffron”. Since the BJP comes into power the whole agenda of the party is to “saffronize the nation”, the Bajrang Dal and other militant Hindutva groups as now showing their patriotism.

As Indians, we all know the value of the saffron but now it’s like if you wear saffron you are directly supporting the right wing. Under this saffron color, many thugs crossed their limits and hurt the common man no matter from which religion, caste or creed they belong.

Moral policing

The BJP government is master of what is morally right and wrong. There are so many incidences which show the cases of Moral Policing. Mob lynching is very common as it took few people who kill anyone as they doubt that the person is eating beef or harassing the couples under Anti-Romeo and love jihad. On 9th January 2018, a college girl faces moral policing in Karnataka and commits suicide.

By the by-poll results of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar shows that now the people want some action rather than just mentioning “Aache Din” in the speeches. The Modi government should work hard if they want to win the heart of voters. They still have the time but will they keep the blame game aside and bring real development in India.