The US President Donald Trump raised many eyebrows when he took his place at the Oval Office at the White House in Washington. His schoolboy twitter fight with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made his critics even more bitter and frankly fearful of the escalation of nuclear threats from the rogue nuclear state of North Korea.

In coming month or so, an inter-Korean Summit that can see Donald Trump meet the notorious North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to come in terms for a denuclearized North Korea and a benefiting resolution to the Korean War.

The unconventional Trump

Korean conflict has been a more than half a century old matter, where once America and Russia's involvement made matters worse. North Korea adopted the communistic and socialistic ideologies of its backer Soviet Union and South Korea adopted a more capitalistic Western philosophy of its backer America.

For a while now, the West has been struggling to predict the rogue leadership of this small country of North Korea that was conducting one nuclear test after the other, which threatened the world peace at large. Many global leaders and diplomatic persuaders tried to make North Korea fall in line, but with almost little success.

Enters Donald Trump, an unusual figurehead with no skills of model political diplomacy yet his unconventional ways seems to be working.

A stubborn North Korea started to fall in line. A stubborn China seems to be on its feet as its leadership always had North Korea's back despite its notoriety. The question here is whether Trump's ways are working or there is some other type of motivation here at play? Whatever the answer, a denuclearized North Korea seems to be a wonderful thought.

North and South Korea heading towards peace?

Unlike the aggression and hostility shown by the so-called Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un over the years towards its neighbor South Korea, a soft stance can be seen at play here. Recent Winter Olympics was a prime example of such, where both the Korean nations marched together under the same banner.

Furthering such friendly relations, the recent performance by South Korean Red Velvet Girl Band in Pyongyang made the North Korean leader seem more receptive towards the idea to end a long Korean Conflict. As per New York Times report, the North Korean leader told South Korean President Moon Jae-in when they met just a few days ago that he would abandon his nuclear weapons program if the United States would agree to formally end the Korean War and promise that it would not invade his country.

Call it what you want: Trump's unconventional brilliance or Kim Jong Un's sudden change of heart, but a less aggressive North Korea is a win-win for everybody.