India Cricket captain Virat Kohli has been sanctioned in South Africa by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for his bad behaviour. According to a report by Eye Witness News, they gave him a fine and demerits for "repeatedly complaining to the umpires about a damp ball and then aggressively throwing it to the floor during the second Test against South Africa in Pretoria."

The news came on January 16, the day after the incident. The ICC gave out a statement saying that in the 25th over of the match, on the 3rd day of the game, that Kohli "continued to complain to umpire Michael Gough," about the ball being damp after a "rain delay." He then threw the ball down in an "aggressive manner."

ICC fines Virat Kohli

The fine for Virat Kholi by the ICC for his bad behaviour was set at 25 percent of his match fee.

He also was given one demerit. The offence is actually a Level One Offence and he could have been fined as much as 50 percent and could have earned two demerits.

While one demerit does not sound like a lot, if they start adding up, it can impact on them. For example, if a player gets as many as four or more demerit points inside of a two-year period, they can get suspended. While Kholi was fined in 2016 for dissenting after being given out in one-day international against Pakistan, this is his first offence for the current period.

Virat Kohli's game so far

It was unfortunate that this incident happened as Virat Kohli was playing very well. Having lost the opening match by 72 runs down in Cape Town, Kohli had run up a brilliant 153 runs which kept India in the game in this, the second test.

In fact, Sport24 pointed out that if India does win this match it will be thanks to Kohli's excellent play. They wrote, " it was the Indian captain’s phenomenal 153 in the first innings that kept his side alive." If it had not been for his runs, then India might very well have given South Africa a 2-0 lead in the three-match series.

It was the Proteas' Morne Morkel who noted that getting Kohli out was vital as he is a "quality batsman and has time to adjust," when the wicket is slow, EWN reported.

It is no big surprise that Virat demonstrated his temper and ended up getting a fine and a demerit. He is a fiery and passionate player who is not scared to pull up his teammates, and often makes over-the-top appeals.

While the South African team boasted they would just ignore his outbursts and his agitated demeanour, the India cricket team captain gave the Proteas a hard run for their money on both Sunday and Monday.