Indian Test player Mohammed Shami is celebrating his birthday today. It will not be a very happy day for him as the Calcutta police have started an investigation against him, on a complaint filed by his wife. She has accused Shami of forcing her to get physical with his brother. In addition, she also says that he plans to kill her.

The Cricket Lounge has reported that the wife of the Test player has accused her husband of indiscriminate friendship with women of ill repute while on tour. The charges against Mohammad Shami are serious and if true could well mean the end of his cricket career.

Mohammed Shami

Mohammed Shami is an upcoming pace bowler of the Indian test cricket team. He recently was selected for the Indian team to South Africa. He played a big part in the Indian victory in the third test against South Africa. The Board of Control for Cricket in India has taken cognization of the complaints by the wife of Mohammed Shami, and in the recent list of contracts published by the board, his name is conspicuously missing. Generally, sportsmen are supposed to be role models for the younger boys and girls, and the allegations against Mohammed Shami by his wife is the reason that the board has not included his name in the list of cricketers who have been awarded contracts.

The Calcutta police under whose jurisdiction Shami comes is examining the case as the complaint of the wife is with them.

With the stress in India on women empowerment, the chance that Shami will escape scot-free look very slim unless his wife withdraws the charges.

The old adage that there is "no smoke without fire" may be true in this case. No wife is likely to make allegations against a husband just for fun. There is a good chance that the lady is disturbed by the antics of Mohammed Shami who has certainly not behaved as a role model.

By his actions, Mohammed Shami has jeopardized his career as a player for India.


The Calcutta police will now examine the complaint of the lady against Mohammed Shami and if need be file an FIR and frame charges against the cricket player. Shammi has been earning big money from the BCCI for his services to the Indian team.

He must have realized that things are not rosy for him after his name was omitted from the yearly contract by the board. Shamishow could be tried under the IPC for offenses under section 304 and 376 which carry an imprisonment term of 7 years. One hopes that Mohammed Shami will desist from prejudicial activities that may end his career as a player.