Are you an IPL fan who hates to miss even a single swing? Then, don’t just watch it on TV when you can watch the IPL for free on any device. Gear up for it this Saturday, April 7, and enjoy the first clash of the titans: Chennai Super Kings versus the defending champions - Mumbai Indians.

Star India’s Hotstar has acquired the digital streaming rights for this year’s IPL. This means that ipl 2018 can be watched on the internet only via the Hotstar app. To stream the IPL, one needs to subscribe to the 'Premium' pack or the 'All Sports' pack on Hotstar.

However, for Airtel and Reliance Jio users, Hotstar offers a privilege. They can watch the IPL 2018 for free. Here’s how:

How to watch IPL 2018 for free on Airtel

Airtel prepaid or postpaid customers can download the Airtel TV app or update the app if they have already installed one. They will also need the Hotstar app installed on their device. By tapping the link for ‘IPL 2018 Content’ on the Airtel TV app, users will be redirected to the Hotstar app where they can simply stream the IPL matches online for free on any of their devices. They will not be asked to subscribe to the Hotstar 'Premium' or 'All Sports' packs.

How to watch the IPL on Reliance Jio for free

Reliance Jio users can watch the IPL 2018 on the Jio TV app, which is free for all Prime users for a year.

In addition to the Jio TV app, they will also have to install the Hotstar app. By clicking or tapping the link for ‘IPL 2018 Content’ on the Jio TV app, they will be taken to the Hotstar app where they can watch IPL for free. They do not have to subscribe to the 'Premium' or the 'All Sports' packs on Hotstar.

What other users can do to watch IPL 2018 on the internet

Users who are not Airtel or Jio customers can watch the first ten minutes of the IPL matches for free on Hotstar after which they will be prompted to subscribe to the 'All Sports' pack. This pack is conveniently priced at Rs. 299 and offers access to other sports programmes like the Asia Cup 2018 and the Formula One.

Alternatively, they can also subscribe to the Hotstar 'Premium' pack that costs Rs. 199 a month or Rs. 999 a year and offers access to movies and TV shows.

As an added perk, they can also play the WatchN’Play interactive game on Hotstar, which will pit them against other fans to test their knowledge of this IPL season.

So make sure you have your apps and subscriptions in place before the IPL begins to avoid interruptions while the match is on!