Indian women have proved their potential in the recent Commonwealth games 2018, by winning six out of total 14 gold medals for India. Their performances in the weightlifting and shooting games were remarkable. There are many expectations from the women wrestlers and boxers in the upcoming events.

Women athlete’s performance in the weightlifting events

Once again, Indian women have proven that they are no longer confined to household work. Old Indian communities used to suggest that was their place. Many women have proven their potential in the Commonwealth Games 2018, by grabbing gold medals for their country.

The quest for winning golds in these games was also started by a woman: Mirabai Chanu in the 48Kg weightlifting category. In fact, this Indian female athlete has also broken an earlier record by lifting around 196Kg in the snatch, clean, and jerk category of weightlifting.

The second greatest achievement was also done by a woman, and she too is from the Northeast. She is Sanjita Chanu. Sanjita Chanu has grabbed the second gold for India in the 53Kg weightlifting category by lifting around 192Kgs. She has already proved her potential by winning gold in the 48Kg weightlifting category during the 2014 Commonwealth games.

The mentality of the Indian population towards women athletes is changing rapidly since the Phogat sisters proved their potential in the 2014 and 2016 Commonwealth Games, while inspiring the perfectionist of Bollywood; Amir Khan to make a movie about them.

Meanwhile, many new Indian women athletes have proved their potential in the recent Commonwealth Games too, and Punam Yadav is also one of them. Punam had won a gold in the 69Kg category of weightlifting, by lifting around 100Kg in the snatch, and 122Kg in the clean and jerk rounds.

Women athletes are shooting bull’s eye in the shooting events

As the Indian women soldiers are putting their valor to defend the Indian border against terrorists with their guns; the Indian women have also put their maximum efforts into the shooting games, to win gold for the country. Indian shooters have already proved their potential in the Shooting World Cup 2018, with some latest additions of fresh talent like Manu Bhaker, who is only 16 years old.

Manu Bhaker has also won a 4th gold medal for India, by outperforming her senior Heena Sidhu, while scoring a record 240.9 points in the 10m air pistol mixed team event.

Meanwhile, Heena Sidhu also didn’t disappoint the Indian game-lovers and grabbed the 5th gold in the Commonwealth 2018 games. It was the toughest call from one Doctor: Heena Sidhu (who is a dentist by profession) to the other Doctor: Elena Galiabovitch, who also belongs to the medical profession. Elena has won many medals in the 25m pistol event and it was very hard for Heena to beat her on her own soil, Australia, but she didn’t disappoint and won 5th gold for India.

The 6th gold won by an Indian woman athlete was by Shreyasi Singh, who won the gold medal in the women’s double trap shooting competition.

She scored around 96, while beating her Australian contender Emma Cox. Shreyasi has improved her performance by winning the gold medal in this category. She has won the silver medal in the 2017 Commonwealth Shooting Championship.

These Indian women have proved that they are not inferior to the men. India has jumped up to the 3rd position by the efforts of these women in the games. They have won 14 gold medals, seven silver medals, and 10 bronze medals. India is looking to bolster this position with the upcoming wrestling and boxing events and expectations are high for some champion Indian women athletes like Mary Com, who has already made it to the finals of the 48Kg women’s boxing category.