It is 2018 and nearly the entire world is connected thanks to technology and through different devices. Smartphones are arguably the most popular technology devices and nearly every person has them. Rapid improvement of technology has allowed smartphones to become useful devices capable of performing numerous tasks. Besides entertainment, many people use their smartphones for business today as well.

India has a strong focus on technology and many Indians are interested in it. While smartphones are not as good as computers yet, they are widely used all over the world.

With over 1.3 billion residents, India is one of the largest technology consumers in the world. In the first quarter of 2017, over 27 million units of smartphones were shipped to India, which is a huge increase compared to previous periods.

In this article, we will count down five most popular Smartphone brands in India.


Oppo Electronics is a Chinese electronics firm that has had a lot of success with smartphones according to China Daily. The company was the fourth biggest smartphone brand in 2016 and it was the biggest smartphone brand in China. In India, OPPO ranks fifth in the smartphone market with the market share of 9.3 percent.

4. Lenovo

Lenovo is another smartphone brand that has a huge smartphone market share in India.

According to the data from 2017, Lenovo was slightly ahead of OPPO with 9.5 percent market share. The company has had huge success with smartphones, and some of its smartphones, such as Lenovo K8 Note, were among the top-selling phones in the country.

3. Vivo

Vivo's smartphone market share in India is 10.5 percent. Even though this is a relatively new company which was founded in 2009, Vivo has found a way to become one of the biggest smartphone brands in the country.

Vivo V7 Plus smartphone has been very popular in India and is one of the best-selling smartphones.

2. Xiaomi

Just like the previous three companies, Xioami is a Chinese company that has achieved huge success in India. Xiaomi is the fifth largest smartphone company in the world and the second largest smartphone brand in India.

This company has separated itself from the other Chinese smartphone companies as its market share was 14.2 percent last year, China Daily reported.

1. Samsung

Samsung has the lions share of India's market in recent years. despite some problems, the company managed to stay on the top of its game with amazing smartphones. It is very unlikely that Samsung will lose its spot in India soon, but it won't be surprising if one of the Chinese companies gets closer to the top spot.