Downtown Brooklyn finally got it's very own Apple Store - all in vain as it is now witnessing its first lawsuit filed against Apple, the tech giant, for blame on slowing the old iPhones down. The Independent reports that Apple faces three federal suits and has five plaintiffs on their backs who have blamed Apple for deliberately slowing down their old iPhones. This has caused their devices to run unexceptionally slowly.

Apple customers are enraged with the iPhone slow down

To enrage the consumers further, Apple hid this fact as well. The other downfall in the lawsuit filed on Apple was on Tuesday when customers came to the Apple Store to query why their iPhones are running slowly?

Rather than getting assistance from the stores, they were getting offers to upgrade to a new device version. Not only were the consumers enraged about having to change their devices, but the slow performance of the devices hindered the users in being able to send any text, message or email.

Apple deliberately slowing down iPhone processors of iPhone

The recent lawsuit filed against Apple, is for their inability to state why Apple is purposely slowing down the processors of iPhone5, iPhone 6 and some iPhone 7 devices through its latest software system updates. The complaint also points towards Apple intentionally slowing down the process of older devices to compensate for battery degeneration in order to push people to upgrade their iPhones faster.

Apple has failed now and in the past to give any explanation as to why their older iPhones become a lot more sluggish after a new iPhone comes out. Even after admitting, Apple still kept it's stand and justifies that their intention was to just throttle performance on the mobile phones as a precautionary measure and this is not done to encourage or push the users to upgrade their devices unintentionally.

They also added, if they do not take this precaution measure, the old iPhone devices would shut down or break unexpectedly, much faster then they should.

Apple iPhone7 with extended platform

Apple has also extended the platform to the iPhone7 with IOS 11.2 and plans to add support for other products in the future as well. Yes, Apple's admission has caused an anger among users of old iPhones.

Most of the customers believe the company did this only to provoke them into buying newly released versions of the devices. This not only slowed down their devices, but caused disruption in sending text, mail, and messages.