A research note on MacRumors and 9to5Mac hints that Apple will be having Intel as its supplier of cellular modems. Presently Apple and Qualcomm are embroiled in a legal tussle and Qualcomm has charged Apple of sharing proprietary code with Intel. Intel and Apple share a very cozy relationship and there could be substantial in Qualcomm’s allegation.

Qualcomm has filed three complaints in the San Diego District Court against the iPhone maker and alleged that 16 different patents have been violated. The patents are related to bandwidth widening technology in smartphones, power saving features, and better photo quality fro twin rear facing cameras.

These patents were obtained by Qualcomm in between 2015 and 2017.

Apple is notorious for getting its supplies from diversified sources. Earlier it sourced its chips from Samsung and later from Qualcomm. Of late it is also trying to make different components in-house and has started manufacturing its own GPU.

iPhone to feature Intel chips after 2018

9to5Mac has sourced this news to a Taiwanese business group KGI Securities which informed that Apple has bought chips from both Qualcomm and Intel for its iPhone 7 sets.

In 2018, Apple is going to source all its chips solely from Intel for all its devices.

The Intel Chip is rumored to support dual SIM and dual standby. However, there are no reports which could confirm this rumor. The KGI report further claims that Apple is working to augment LTE transmission speeds by introducing 4X4 MIMO Chipsets.

Intel still lagging behind Qualcomm in 5G networking

Billions of dollars are at stake as the legal tussle between the Cupertino giant and Qualcomm heats up. However, Apple is a very shrewd operator and could offer Qualcomm a share in the chip supply in return for an out of court settlement in the patent lawsuit settlement.

Apple could be forced to make a deal with Qualcomm because Intel may not be ready for 5G networking.

It is rumored that benchmark tests have shown that Qualcomm chips performed better than Intel hardware. Apple must be feeling the heat with the upcoming Galaxy S9 with the Exynos 9 chip inside which is also promising lightning-fast cellular connectivity.

iPhone X price hiked!

With the duty on customs hiked from 15-20%, the iPhone X has now been priced at Rs 95,280 and goes up all the way to Rs 1,08,720. With many cheap and affordable devices flooding the Indian market, do you think its worth to buy the smartphone for that price?