Apple's battery issues don't seem to stop. After facing a lawsuit for deliberately slowing down the performance of old iPhone devices, the Apple Store in Zurich, Switzerland had to be evacuated as a battery of an iphone 6 began to emit smoke, TechSpot reports.

Apple Store Employee Injured

According to the Zurich police report, a store employee who was a possible member of the genius Apple faculty, has suffered minor burns as he removed the battery. All three emergency services arrived at the scene on time at the Apple Store and gave six people medical care on the spot.

According to the report, no one was seriously injured or required a hospital visit.

Apple Store Evacuated

According to the police report, there was a smoke buildup which got reported and they took quick action and evacuated the 50+ customers and staff from the store. The police applauded the Apple Store for responding quickly and handling the matter effectively. The staff quickly sprinkled quartz sand over the smoking battery to contain the smoke and then switched on the ventilation system to evict the smoke from the store.

Again, Apple has nothing to say. The store has re-opened and is functioning normally. The iPhone 6 and the battery have been taken by the Zurich forensic institution to examine the cause of overheating.

The local media reports, the iPhone 6 device was brought in to get its battery replaced. The battery started to emit smoke, to which the employee acted quick and tried removing the battery, suffering burns in doing so.

Over the past few years, Apple seems to have created a cloud that is lurking above their batteries. Right from the laptops hoverboards to the Note 7 incident, their lithium-ion batteries seem to just add more problems to their unresolved issues.

Just last month, Apple admitted they purposely released updates which affected the performance of the older devices, which actually was slowing down the performance and got an enraged outcome from the consumer side.

To resolve the case filed against them, Apple has offered a discount battery replacement for all iPhone 6 and old device versions.

Another Apple Store incident that made headlines was back in 2015, in Melbourne, Australia. A video was released showing six black teens being denied entry into the store. The students were from the Marybyrnong College and were told their presence was worrying the staff as they (the students) may steal something from the store. Adding gas to the already lit fire, a store employee literally asked them to leave.