Today life has become super busy, and everybody takes help of various gadgets and apps to make life easier. People are active on social media apps in abundance. The users are downloading the common social media apps lavishly, but in this messy life, they are ignoring their health to a greater extent. We are suggesting here a few apps that can help you in managing your mental and physical health as well.

Without any delay, glance the most useful Android apps that you should definitely get, in order to achieve assorted goals of your health-life.

These Android apps are not the most downloaded apps in the world.

Rather, we are recommending these most popular Android apps to maintain your weight, keep an eye on calorie intake, and achieve your meditation goals. The utility of these apps would be proved most facilitating and supportive in your day-to-day busy schedule of responsibilities and liabilities.

Let's peep at the apps which can help you the best in maintaining poise between your work-life, personal life, and family life:

'My Fitness Pal'

People these days are willing to devote themselves to achieve proficient health; they long to maintain an admirable figure and perfect vital stats! If you are also one of them you must download this app. One of the most popular Android app "My Fitness Pal" will help you follow your diet plans, exercise schedule and calorie intake, too.

You can even reduce your weight with the help of this app. To keep a track of calorie intake is the best way to check your weight gain.

This app is of crucial importance because it disguises the old golden phrase: "Health is Wealth". In order to maintain your health to its golden aspect, you must use this most useful android app - "My Fitness Pal."

'Smiling Mind'

"Smiling Mind" is an app which would help you in maintaining the sound health of your mind. We all know that meditation is the best exercise for brain health.

And it's essential to devote a few minutes to meditation every day. Doctors advise meditating daily. Psychologists and Brain-Educators have developed this most useful Android app with a vision of helping people track their meditation progress and maintain regularity in meditating.


Charles Duhigg - the author of 'The Power of Habit' has said, "Habits are powerful, but delicate. They can emerge outside our consciousness but can be delicately designed." So, habits flourish without our permission, but we should reshape them, in order to accomplish the best out of the life. With this most useful Android app, one can track the progress of an exercise schedule, yoga performances or a peculiar eating habit that s/he wants to keep an eye on.

Just download this app and see the results.

'Home Workout - No Equipment'

We are living in an era where everybody thrives to shape the body, make it strong and muscular. Say goodbye to those loose tummies and the packets of fat on your body. Use this most popular Android app to keep a track of your daily workout. This app helps in fast bodybuilding at your home only, and no equipment is needed even!

'Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker':

You can track your step, walking, activities and weight loss with this app. No additional wristband or tracker is required to use this app. You just need to keep your phone with you while walking and this app will count your step without mistake. This app can inspire you to activate your static lifestyle.

We are trapping in an inactive lifestyle due to the long office hours per day.

The famous rapper James Todd Smith once said, " I think fitness and healthy lifestyle is important. I think putting positive energy into everything is important for fitness. One should do everything to remain healthy and fit." And this you can do with the help of these most popular Android apps. All these apps will help you keep yourself healthy, smiling and fit.

Android apps are turning lives upside down in this super-era of technology. Know some more useful Android apps, which would be helpful for you.

Though mobiles and mobile applications have made our life easier, we should keep in mind that the over-indulgence in mobile apps is also ruining our relationships, peace, and health.

So, use the applications to make your life easier and well managed, but always keep in mind that an app should be our retainer! Learn to be the master of the apps and don't let them become your masters!