Artificial Intelligence is supposedly the next big thing, apart from big data. Humans are embracing the idea of artificial intelligence, but we have to consider the other side of it which is set to be the troublemaker for humans in the days to come.

What is AI

When the machines start demonstrating intelligence like humans, it becomes Artificial Intelligence. These machines demonstrate human traits of cognitive learning and speech recognition. AI is used in a multitude of areas like manufacturing, surgery and even in logistics. We, as a human, have embraced the idea of Artificial Intelligence.

Without even recognizing it, it has become a daily routine in our life.

Last year, at the UN conference in Geneva, Sophia, a humanoid robot was demonstrated, and its resemblance to humans was unprecedented. The Saudi government has also given Sophia citizenship. The first ever robot to be offered citizenship.

Threats posed by AI

Considered to be greatly benefiting humanity, AI posed some serious concerns to humanity. In the near future, it is considered dangerous as it will lead to job losses across various sectors. Today sectors like Automotive manufacturing, software, surgery, etc. are using services of AI. Some studies even claim that AI could be the reason for as much as 85 percent of job losses in the developing world and 69 percent in India.

These figures should be seriously considered if we have to sustain our economic growth along with jobs and welfare of the society.

Even in the developed world job losses are a serious threat in the near future. One study predicts that by the year 2021 AI will eliminate as much as 6 percent of the entire jobs in the US. That is around 9 million jobs in the worlds largest economy.

The brighter side of AI

Going back to our history, we may realize that AI may not be as big as a threat as it is considered. Historically, technical innovation has always created more jobs than it has destroyed. So the fear of job losses could be kept at bay for the moment.

Artificial Intelligence will help us in creating a disease-free world as well as it will help in eliminating poverty around the globe.

Artificial Intelligence is of great help in medical diagnosis and treatment with better accuracy more effective treatment and cures.

Thus it can be said that AI or any other technology can never be a threat to humanity as long as we, humans are willing to use it as a boon to humanity rather than anything harmful.