Facebook is an online social networking site which allows its users to connect with friends and family as well as make new connections. Every day millions of Facebook users update their photos, share their views and exchange knowledge. Facebook which is globally used and is it also the fifth world’s most valuable brand, is now in a situation that a moment is started like #deletefacebook.

To know this just think what happens if by mistake you give your house keys to someone and without your consent he used your stuff and sometimes sell them too? This is what Cambridge Analytica did with the data of 50 million Facebook users.

It all started with a personality quiz app which was launched on Facebook.

How they did that?

Cambridge Analytica is a data analytics and Political consulting firm set up in 2014 with the help of Steve Bannon who is the former chief strategist of United States President Donald Trump. The former employee of the company revealed details of the company. He said that the company extracted personal information data and used it in the elections and advertising strategies.

In 2014, Dr. AleKsandr Kogan was hired by the Cambridge Analytica with $800,000 to develop an application which plays with the psychology of the people. Kogan develops a data scraping app, #thisisyourdigitallife Facebook allowed a research project in Cambridge Analytica which is installed by 270,000 people without knowing that this app has a hidden code which allowed it to harvest the data of all their friends who had their privacy setting open by this CA harvest 50 million Facebook user data.

How Cambridge Analytica sell?

According to the UK Channel, Cambridge Analytica worked for 200 elections around the world. They sell the data to the political parties so that they can make their campaign strategies according to the person’s wants and desire. Recently it is assumed that it is used in United States Election used by Donald Trump in 2016 and it also impacted Bre-exit in 2014.

The debate in India also heated with the parties. In India, Cambridge Analytica is used first time used in Bihar Legislative Assembly Elections of 2010. The director of Cambridge Analytica says that it also helped BJP to win elections including the mission +272 in 2014 election.

Facebook opinion

Facebook has serious allegations of data leakage where Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said “there is no data leakage as not a single account password is broken and no account is being hacked.

The user itself gives concern to the app”. Mark Zuckerberg is summoned by the British Parliamentary Committee and by the European Parliament to present its spotlessness in the case of misuse of data.

India deals with this issue

In stern words, IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad warns Mark Zuckerberg by saying “not influence the country’s electoral process through undesirable mean be not been tolerated.” India doesn’t take direct actions as the companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter start projects with the government as digital initiatives like Facebook and Orissa government start #SheMeansBusiness, Facebook started with Andhra Pradesh #digitalFibre project and many others. There is a need of the hour to make strict laws to protect the data.

The most important issue arises what Facebook and Cambridge Analytica did is legal or not. As according to Zuckerberg only people give their consent, but it’s hard to say so as only 270,000 people give consent but the data leaked is 50 million. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace whether the law needs to be reframed. There should be clear laws on ownership of data.