apple announced new versions of the iPhone, including the iPhone 8 (improved version of the iPhone 7) and the brand new iPhone X. Announced 10 years after the first model of the handset in 2007, the smartphone that marked a generation and revolutionized the technology market due to its innovations (such as multitouch screen and Home button) has gained a rebound in its design, perhaps the greatest aesthetic change of its history until today.

Infinite Screen

The appearance of the iphone x is in the face. The 5.8-inch screen covers the entire front of the unit.

This is the biggest change in the look of Apple's mobile phone in recent years. Mainly through the fact that the iPhone X is the first iPhone in history to come without the famous Home button. Now, to perform operations such as going back to the home screen or viewing the list of open applications, among other things, you just need to slide your finger on the screen.

In other words, without the Home button, the way the user was accustomed to using the iPhone has undergone a drastic change. Now everything is based on gestures. To open the device settings, for example, simply slide your finger down the screen if no application is open. If you have an app open just slide up to open the multitasking windows.

Face ID

Another great highlight of the iPhone X is Face ID, a technology that allows facial recognition of the owner of the device and has numerous applications.

With 1 in 1 million chance of error, the security feature allows the user to unlock the screen just by looking at the phone. The technology is also integrated with Apple Pay and allows, for example, to make payments without the need to enter a password, just look at the screen to authorize the transaction.

Wireless charging

The elimination of the threads is a trend and a dream of many people. Well, Apple is also following this path. Now, in addition to the headphones (which is not new), the new iPhone X features wireless charging. The company also announced that it is cooperating with the industry for a new wireless charging standard that will allow chargers to be scattered everywhere such as planes, cars, and hotels, making it easier for users to charge their batteries.

Animated emoji

Another great new feature of the new iPhone X is the animated emojis, which can be inserted into text or voice messages. More than simple drawings, now they are able to reproduce the facial expressions of the user.

In conjunction with facial recognition, the user can send a voice message and emoji will be able to reproduce the message and repeat the facial expressions that the user made when creating it.

Other features

  • A11 Bonic 6-core processor;
  • 12MP camera with optical stabilization;
  • Hardware designed for augmented reality;
  • Super retina screen;
  • Battery life 2 hours to mine the iPhone 7;
  • ios 11.

Release date

The iPhone X will hit the market in November to the United States, costing $ 999. Sales begin October 27. There is still no information on the price and availability of iPhone X in Brazil.