Now, Snapchat has presented another product in the market called Spectacles 2.0. It is the organization's new form of eyewear which has built-in cameras. This is the organization's second attempt after the principal adaptation neglected to get on with young users of the social media network.

Keeping Snapchat spectacular

This new and improved version of Spectacles is not only “more comfortable to wear” but has a profile much smaller than the previous version, making it easier to carry while being completely waterproof. So now you can go wearing these stylish Spectacles to beaches, pool parties and more without having to worry about splashes of water destroying your pricey frames.

You can now use these spectacles that come in much classier colors, lighter lenses, faster syncing, with prescription options and has a much slimmer profile and charging case. It is the perfect mix of stylish, comfortable and useful.

These shades enable clients to record videos, photographs and audio files that, once transferred, could be sent as messages to friends on Snapchat. The price of these Spectacles is $20 more than its original, bringing it up to $150.

What modifications make it special?

After realizing that users wanted to take more photographs than videos, Snapchat made a few upgrades and improvements in this new version of spectacles where they now come in less obvious and flashy coral colors, have better resolution after export and can also be paired more quickly and easily.

Not only that, now the disturbances caused by wind noise has also been reduced. All these above changes are the reason that these spectacles are no longer weird to wear. The modification of architecture, style, electronics, and chipset made the second version a much better alternative than its predecessor in most ways.

There are a couple of other improvements made by Snapchat as well.

Now, a user can take both photographs as well as videos, just tap the button on the top to take a 10-second video or press and hold to take a snap. One can additionally tap 2-3 times to create a 20 or 30-second video. In addition, now both, the photo and video resolution has increased to high definition, and the standard definition mode is scrapped off.

The resolution of photographs is now 1642*1642, and for video, it is not 1216*1216 which is a 25% quality improvement when compared to the first version.

What can you use it for?

Not long ago Snapchat launched its range of 'Snappables,' a new variety of Lenses for playing augmented reality (AR) games and sharing experiences with others. Snappables are interactive lenses through which Snapchatters can not only experiment with AR but also share their encounters and experiences with others. Additionally, this will be accessible in Snapchat's Lens Carousel, on the left side of the capture button.

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