In 1968, the Ford CJ 428 Fastback was the ultimate muscle car of the era. The 360-horsepower V8 beast set the benchmark for every muscle car henceforth. Now, on the 50th anniversary of the classic icon, Ford is all set to burn rubber on the drag strip with the 2018 Mustang Cobra Jet. Ford has claimed the car can cover the quarter-mile in 'somewhere around 8 seconds', which makes it the fastest factory Cobra ever. The announcement comes out just months after Dodge unveiled their Charger Demon, which does 168 miles per hour and has a quarter mile drag time of 9.6 seconds.

A true successor in specs

The 1968 CJ was something of a sensation, a brainchild of the legendary Carrol Shelby, pushed the limits of automobile technology of its time. The 428 cubic inch V8 produced a then-unheard-of 360 horsepower. Combined with the same Mach 1 Mustang chassis and limited slip differential, it put the 'muscle' in 'muscle car.' The new Cobra Jet is true to its roots.

Built on the 2018 Mustang base which has already proven its mettle, Ford Performance took it to the best and fitted the beast with a 5.2L supercharged V8, four-link rear suspension with a solid rear axle(Just so you don't flip out on the throttle), racing seat, NHRA-spec roll cage and bespoke coilovers behind those gorgeous Weld Racing wheels.

The company is quiet about its power output but has claimed the car can do well over 160 miles an hour. The car doesn't shy away for practicality like the Nissan Leaf and the Porsche Panamera E-hybrid but is designed for the sole purpose of being the fastest in the straight line.

A demon slayer in the works?

The new Cobra Jet seems to be Ford's answer to the Dodge Charger Demon, which is now the premier factory drag racer.

It was unveiled at the New York Auto Show in April 2017 and has set its spot with its drag-strip-tuned adaptive suspension and its 6.2L V8 pumping out 840 horsepower. The car uses advanced techniques such as Torque Reserve and After-Run Chiller to optimize its engine performance. This gives it an average of 9.65 seconds of going from a standstill to a quarter mile.

However, Ford is adamant that with its new series, it can crush that drag record by a second, making it the fastest production drag racer till date. "Fifty years ago, the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet took the staging lines at drag strips everywhere," says Ford. "Now comes the return of the Mustang Cobra Jet drag strip race car by For Performance, targeted to be the most powerful and quickest version of the factory yet."

The grand reveal awaited

Ford is set to roll out 68 non-VIN cars later in 2018. Most likely, the unveil is to be made in either of the Auto Show in Moscow or Dubai, set to take place in September and May respectively. Ford has not yet revealed the full graphics and cosmetic details, but it is sure to be available in red, white and a special Cobra Jet commemorative 50th-anniversary graphics pack.

With such a big hype for the car, there is much excitement as petrol-heads may witness history by fall of this year, with Ford taking back its dominance of the modern muscle car market. Sales may begin early next year once pre-orders start lining up, which upon a successful unveiling they surely will.