Early morning of November 5 was very crucial for ISRO scientists. Everyone was excited, and some of them were nervous too towards their first big project. 30 percent Indians also aware of Mangalyaan which is also known as MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission) was going to launch from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. MOM was specifically designed to study Martian atmosphere, mineralogy and Mars surface features

PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle)

It is an indigenous 3rd generation launch vehicle equipped with liquid stages was selected for MOM. Scientific instruments compiled in Bangalore and sent to Sriharikota on October 2 for integration to the launch vehicle.

Eventually, the rocket has successfully launched with a gigantic sound, and it reached to earth orbit. After achieving escape velocity, Mangalyaan went to outer space where it has to travel ten-month journey to reach Mars.

MOM reached to Mars (established in Mars Orbit) on September 24, 2014, and till now it remains in good health as per the ISRO recent update.

After successful insertion in Mars's Orbit on its first attempt, India became the 1st country of the world to do so. All space agencies were surprised by India over MOM mission.

MAVEN: Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission

In other hand, NASA also launched MAVEN from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station from November 18, 2013, and it reached to Mars a couple of days ago from MOM's arrival.

MAVEN was much more sophisticated and expensive but mission objective was almost same as Mars Orbiter Mission.

We beat China over Mars mission, but still, China far ahead overall considering lending human into the space and successful lending rover on Moon mission. Mars mission will give Indians a hope and courage to achieve more complex and interplanetary mission which is still untouched by any other space agency in future.

Follow path is easy but making a new path with success would be more challenging and appreciable. So repeating same mission which is already done by others will be more effective if we see ahead..!!

MOM’s objective, ISRO achievements, and critics

MOM was design to explore and observe the Mars surface and its atmosphere. For ISRO, it was the first interplanetary mission and became 4th space agency after NASA, Soviet Space Program and ESA.

Lots of thinker raised voice over Mars mission done by India. They were saying that as developing country, it supposed to feed poor instead of involving in such mission.

T.S. Subramaniam (chairman of ISRO) said that 'Mars Orbiter tests have shown our ability to predict'.

After the success of MOM, ISRO announced MOM2 under 2021-2022 time frame. It will equip with an orbiter and may also include Lander and Rover.