What is Artificial Intelligence and why should we even care about it?

Well, well, well… for now, we should only focus on the first part of that question.

So, you can pretty much understand what it is all about.

This is not about judging whose opinions are right and which are not. It is about, “What”.. Of Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s talk about humans, let’s talk about us.

We are by far the most intelligent life form on the Earth.

But will it remain same for the upcoming years, decades or even centuries?

No, it will not.

The rise of Machines

The machines replaced humans in tasks requiring repetition and memorization… in which they are pretty good at.

It does save lots of time in that kind of work and also creates a minor (not that minor) unemployment scenario.

But here is the question, can it learns from its mistake? Can it think? Or can it be Intelligent?

If you observe the competitive growth in the technological development sector, it seems almost inevitable that we will not make an Artificial Intelligence which may take a decade or even century but a decade seems more likely.

What does Intelligence mean?

If we have to know about something, we just Google it. So, if you Google the term “intelligence” you will get:-

"Intelligence has been defined in many different ways, including the capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, and problem-solving."

(By the way, Google is an A.I.

which knows the answer even before you done typing your question)

But rather understanding it in a broad perspective, not limited to the sort of intelligence that exist so far, so we define intelligence as the ability to accomplish complex goals.

Therefore, Artificial Intelligence, a non-biological intelligence which can accomplish complex goals.

One more important thing it doesn’t necessarily need a physical form as you have probably seen in the movie "Terminator." It can totally exist on a software basis.

Here, “complex” is a degree of ability to accomplish different goals.

The different bits of intelligence into a taxonomy

Narrow and Broad intelligence.

Let’s talk about narrow intelligence,

Google DeepMind AlphaGO defeated the world champion of Go (pretty ridiculous huh!).

Go is a board game which is even harder than a game of chess, it has as many combinations as there are atoms in the Universe, so it is totally impractical for a human to put all these combinations manually in the software so, how the software did that? It taught itself, yeah! You heard it right; it taught itself. It learns the game watching videos and then started playing against itself ....again and again and again.

If the narrow intelligence accomplishes (masters) this single specified task.


What can a Broad Intelligence do?

Well, it can do virtually anything.