Nearly 35 years back Maruti began production of the small hatchback in India the M-800 in collaboration with Japan's Suzuki. The Indian public for long fed on a controlled economy had no choice but to accept the dated Fiat 1100 D and the Hindustan Ambassador. All this changed overnight as Maruti introduced the most modern car in India. Later the government sold its stake to Suzuki, and the company became a 100 percent subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation. Over the years Maruti has dominated the Indian car market and three years back launched a mid-sized hatchback called the Baleno.

The Financial Express has reported that though the car was launched three years back yet, it sells almost 20,000 units every month. This makes it the hottest selling car in India and is a smashing hit.


Maruti-Suzuki had launched a sedan named Baleno a decade back, but the car failed to set the charts on fire and was soon discontinued. Three years back Suzuki launched the Baleno again, this time as a hatchback and the car was an instant hit. The car is available in both petrol and diesel versions and can comfortably carry five passengers including the driver. The car is economical to run, and the petrol and diesel versions turn in a frugal performance between 15-22 km a litre.

The has reported the figures for sales of various cars for the last 12 months in India.

It can be seen that the Baleno is the leader in sales right up to May 2018 In May this year the car sold 19.398 units. The next car on the list is the Hyundai Elite i-20 which sold just about 10,000 units-almost half the sale of the Baleno.


The Maruti company was originally launched by Sanjay Gandhi, the son of the Ex- Indian premier Indira Gandhi.

But his was a half-baked effort, and he soon lost interest. After his death, in an air crash, the government revived the project and brought in Suzuki from Japan. At that time there was a lot of criticism as to why Suzuki had been called and bigger car manufacturers left out. It was also mentioned that Suzuki had no experience of manufacturing cars as it basically produced motorcycles.

A winner

Suzuki has proved the doubters wrong and now is one of the top small car manufacturers in the world with India its main manufacturing hub. It also exports cars from India and presently has over 20 models on the road. The Baleno has become the number one model of Suzuki and is a winner. The low slung hatchback has caught the fascination of the people. The car helps maintain Suzuki's position as the number one automobile manufacturer in India. It is one of the success stories of India and brings into focus that there is more to India than people like Bhaiyyuji Maharaj.