So the saying of "once in blue moon" is finally going to happen. And yes, we are surely talking about the once in a lifetime celestial event "Super Blue Blood Moon, 2018". This mega event is going to happen worldwide and is expected to bring a lot of changes in everyone's lives -- both mentally and physically.

A Rare Event

Since the Super Blood Blue Moon is occurring after 150 years, it surely can be counted as an Elysian event for every earthly being. The last time it was experienced on March 31st, 1866 when three rare Lunar occurrences took place, which included, a supermoon, a total lunar eclipse, and a blue moon.

The Name — What does it mean

The name Super Blue Blood Moon seems pretty dramatic, isn't it? However, although the name sounds like a pretty big deal, breaking the meaning down might put your inquisitive at rest!

The name Super Blue Blood Moon isn't as mysterious as it seems. You might think that the moon is going to be blue, and get excited about the same, but actually, it isn't!

A full moon is itself a supermoon, meaning, the moon is at its closest point to earth in its elliptical orbit during its full phase. That means the moon is going to look almost 14% brighter than it usually seems to be! But as I have mentioned earlier, the moon isn't going to look all blue -- rather, it will be reddish -- making it look extremely beautiful.

A blue moon refers to an event when two full moons occur in the same calendar month; the last full moon occurred on January 1st, and hence, the term blue moon is used here.

However, the most intriguing part of the name is the term "blood" here. But this exceptionally dramatic term is used to describe a full lunar eclipse.

The best part is, during such kinds of an eclipse, the moon is covered under the Earth's shadow which gives the moon a bright yet creepy red colour, making lucky people enjoy the view!

Where to watch it

The best view of a Super Blue Moon can be viewed from the Western part of the United States. However, this rare cosmic event is right now being experienced by people from India, Australia, North America, Hawaii, Middle East and Russia.

If you are unable to watch it with your own eyes, then here is a live preview by NASA for you below:

Here are a few tweets from NASA's feed --

Effects of this cosmic event in your life

Full moons are all about changes and transformations -- and this Super Blue Blood Moon is also going to prove eventful for you.

Now science may not believe in all this, but we all surely do! According to a lot of people, this Super Blue Blood Moon is going to bring a lot of changes in everyone's lives. As the energy shift is going to bring you to your edge, and make you feel unbalanced, you need to take special care. But then again, be positive, because this is just a beginning of a new phase of your life.

Now, if you are feeling anxious and out of your place, it is maybe because the full moon has already affected you. As these are all energies that we are talking about, we cannot really see it; but feel it with all our senses.

Now hold yourself up! We all are going to be supercharged and transformed once this Super Blue Blood Moon is over!