Whenever an air crash takes place one has a lurking feeling that it may be Russian, This time again a Russian built Antonov 128 passenger operated by Saratov airlines crashed within minutes after takeoff from Moscow's second busiest airport Domodedovo. The weather was appalling, but the aircraft is supposed to have the latest NAV equipment on board.

The reason for the crash is not known, and all one knows is that many people just saw a ball of fire landing on the earth. Russian aircraft are hardy, and many are flown during India Republic Day parade.Times of India has reported that the plane had 71 passengers on board in, including six aircrews and all of them did not survive the crash.

The plane

The plane was seven years old, and that is not a long time in the life of a plane. Unfortunately, it appears there are issues of flight safety as Russian planes both military and civil is crashing with alarming frequency. President Vladimir Putin has offered his condolences, but these frankly have no meaning to the next of kin of the passengers who died in the crash.

The Russian plane after taking off from Moscow was on a scheduled internal flight to Orsk, an industrial city located close to the Ural mountains. The governor of the province of Orsk has confirmed that most of the passengers were from his region. The Kremlin has confirmed that there were no survivors. Eyewitness accounts point out that the wreckage was strewn over a wide area and rescuers reached the site with great difficulty.

They will now try and search for the black box to get a clue as to how the plane crashed.

Air crashes

Russia is dogged by air crashes with the most spectacular being the crash of the Russian military plane carrying 92 members of the Russian army orchestra in October 2016. The plane had taken off from Sochi, and the orchestra was to perform for Russian troops in Syria.

All passengers died in the crash.Even earlier in March 2016, a Russian airliner crashed while going in for a landing at Rostov-on-Don airport. All 62 passengers on board were killed. There have also been unpublicised crashes of the Russian Tu 95, bombers in Siberia. The entire fleet was grounded for checks for some time.

Last Word

CNN has reported that maintenance schedules are long delayed for aircraft, and many planes are flown without the mandatory clearances. The weather also has a hand, and for that reason, Russian planes have to be equipped with the latest NAV equipment, and maintenance schedules followed meticulously. But many airlines and engineers cut corners to keep more aircraft flying.