The ghost of Saddam Hussein still dominates Iraq.The dictator was overthrown and then executed after a farcical trial. His daughter Raghad Hussein and wife had escaped to Jordan where King Abdullah gave them refuge.The Hashemite dynasty had made it clear that the wife and daughter of Saddam Hussein would be given asylum as per the traditions of Arabs for ages. The Shia ruling clique in Iraq has for long hounded the daughter.

She is accused of terrorist crimes which she has denied. The Iraqi government has now published a list of 60 most wanted criminals and terrorists who have to be tried in Iraq.

The name of Raghad Hussein is at the top of the list. Iraqi news hs reported that an MP of the ruling party has gone on record and said that the onus of handing over Raghad Hussein was with the United States and in case it wants the daughter of Hussein can be brought back to Israel and face trial.


Raghad Hussein is rumored to be in Dubai. She is a designer of Jewelry and as per last reports she lives with her five children in Jordan.In an interview with Gulf News, Raghad denied that she had anything to do with terrorist activities in Iraq. She, however, praised Trump for being a "realist."

Saddam and WMD

Saddam was overthrown on the pretext that he had WMD. After the war, a UN commission investigated all the palaces of Saddam and research centers and could not find any evidence of WMD.

It was proved that Bush and John Major had concocted allegations that Saddam had WMD with a plan to remove him. Saddam was a Sunni, and later he was tried and hanged. Trump during the election trail had commented that though Saddam was a bad guy yet, he knew how to deal with terrorists. It is a fact that so long as Saddam was in power, ISIS and their ilk were not a force which they became later.

Saddam hanged scores of Islamic militants.

Hornet's nest

The going of Saddam opened a hornet's nest, and entire Iraq has now become a war zone. The Iraqi army gave a poor exhibition of its capability when it surrendered to the ISIS without a fight. The militant group executed hundreds.

The victory over the ISIS was achieved only when the US intervened on the side of the Baghdad government.

Even now many areas are still with ISIS, and Al Baghdadi is not captured. In addition, the Shia regime which is supported by Iran is on a witch hunt against Sunni's. Its a pity that this is happening as over 4000 US soldiers have laid down their lives in Iraq.

Mostly Raghad Hussein will not be handed over to the Shia government of Iraq and the USA may well ponder what they achieved by removing Saddam.