Kim Jong Un appears to be a diplomat. After holding a massive military parade just before the start of the winter Olympics, Kim surprised both America and President Moon by invitation to the South Korean President to visit North Korea. Bloomberg has reported that the meeting which took place in the Presidential Palace was attended by the sister of the North Korean Dictator Kim Yo-Jong.

The invitation

Kim Yo-Jong handed over the invitation to President Moon Jai-in, who must be wondering what to do because he never expected an invitation. Never the less, the invitation by the North Korean leader conveyed through his sister is very significant.

BBC had reported that the coming of Kim Yo-Jong to South Korea is itself a major event, as no member of the ruling family from North Korea had visited South Korea after 1953 when the Korean war ended.

A surprise?

North Korea and KimJong-un can afford to be expansive as he has built up a formidable nuclear deterrent and further development in the field of rocketry and Intercontinental ballistic missiles is on the cards. The sister of the North Korean Dictator has the confidence of her brother. She carried the invitation to Moon.Donald Trump and Kim have been abusing each other, but this invitation has taken the wind out of the sails of the USA and was reflected in the stony reaction by Vice President Pence at the Olympics.

The US and South Korea

The Winter Olympics has seen the participation of both North and South Korea as a single unit.

Many will be hoping that this invitation and the joint participation in the Olympics is the first step to reunification. Matters are not so simple till the United States does not relinquish its hold on South Korea. One doubts whether president Moon has the freedom to accept an invitation to North Korea without the approval of the United States.

Moon is, however, a sincere man who has said that he is ready to go the extra mile to make peace with North Korea. He is also on record of having said that there will not be another war on the Korean Peninsula.

Left to himself, Donald Trump would like to launch an attack on North Korea, but he is restrained by general Mattis and President Moon, who fear a backlash and tremendous destruction in South Korea

Last word

One fails to understand as to why the U is picking on a puny country like North Korea, when in the sixties with Mao breathing fire, the then president Lyndon Jonson did nothing. The two actions do not match, and one is left wondering why?