Some years back a bridge over the Panjim river in Goa in India collapsed into the river, leading to many cars sinking in the river with subsequent deaths. At that time many people commented that such things do not happen in America. Now we have learned that a foot overbridge over a busy highway close to the Florida International University in Miami collapsed like a pack of cards within hours of its installation. The bridge which was installed on Saturday collapsed without any warning.BBC has reported that four persons are dead and two are critically injured, and eight cars have been smashed with the overbridge falling on them.

Bridge collapse

Bridge collapses are not trifling matters and point to a deeper problem of lack of professional technical expertise. This structure was supposed to be based on the latest technology and was a prefabricated construction. In other words, it was built at a different place and then brought to the site and hoisted over the road with the purpose to save time and not hinder the flow of heavy traffic

Most likely the bridge had some technical problems, and it's planning with respect to load and pressure points were defective. There was a need for the entire plan to have been studied before it was constructed. The collapse has shocked America, and President Donald Trump has expressed his condolences to those who have been injured in the Bridge collapse.

The national highway authority will now investigate the cause of the accident, but it appears to be a little too late as this is something the national highway authority could have done before the bridge was even constructed and was only on the drawing board

The collapse cannot be wished away, and there is a chance that the construction company may have compromised on some essential matters in trying to put together the bridge in record time.

There was an urgency as the students of the FIU were demanding a bridge for long as they found it difficult to cross the road. One of the students had been crushed to death by a car while attempting to cross the road a few months back.

Many questions

The governor of Florida and Senator Marco Rubio rushed to the scene of the accident.The collapse will be investigated but what is difficult to understand, how a country which has the latest technology and engineering skills can have a bridge collapse within hours of installation.

Considering that the overbridge was only 180 feet long, its collapse shows faulty workmanship and perhaps use of the substandard material. One cannot hazard a guess as to why the construction collapsed, but the lesson is loud and clear, that American engineers should not try for shortcuts in the engineering field.