The European powers at one stage colonized the entire world. The British in particular controlled the biggest Empire in world history, and this fact has still not rubbed off from the British. Britain and other Anglo Saxon Nations have now taken umbrage at the poisoning of the double agent and have expelled scores of Russian diplomats. The Americans have expelled 60 diplomats and the British 23 of them. These expulsions show that only the countries which are white have reacted to the alleged Russian action. No country from Africa, Latin America, Asia, and ca has followed the example of these countries.

The Indian Prime Minister Sushma Swaraj in a statement in Parliament announced that under no circumstances will India expel any Russian diplomat. Msn has reported that The spy game is resorted to by all countries and both Russian and western spies operate in the enemy country.

Western powers

The expulsion of the diplomats was because the Russians had poisoned double agent.The incident was blown up by the British and one can only say it was an attempt to try and intimidate Russia. Many people feel that the UK is still living on its past glory and has not realized that its influence in the world is minimal. If they had any influence, at least one country other than the white nations would have followed them.

This has not happened and shows that the influence of the Angle-Saxon powers is waning. Gone are the days when Britain during the two World Wars enforced Indian participation in their struggle against Germany.

Only allegations

Many people are wondering as to what is the Hula Bula all about. The poisoning of the Russian who it is learned had asked for pardon from Putin and wanted to come back to Russia is not necessarily a Russian act.

Despite no evidence available so far the western powers have jumped to implicate Russia in the Killing. The Russian spy was in the custody of the Russian government for many years, and he was released in an exchange and sent to England. In case the Russians wanted they could have killed him anytime when he was in their custody.

Hysterical reaction

The western powers and that includes the USA still think that the age of imperialism, which is long dead is still alive. The hysterical reaction to the poisoning of the spy is not understood by many. Probably the Anglo-Saxon powers wanted to assert their dominance over the world. Unfortunately, the events as they have unfolded have completely isolated the Anglo-Saxon Nations and nobody in Africa, Latin America, and Asia is buying their argument.