The man accused of the shooting at Waffle House which extinguished four innocent lives, Travis Reinking is now gratefully in custody. However, he should not solely be held responsible for this horrible murder if convicted. Jeffrey Reinking, his father, should be considered legally accountable in such case, and plausibly should face proceedings.

That is since police suspect the aged Reinking restored the guns of his son - which were seized from him - many times over, in spite of Travis Reinking's eccentric behavior and also FBI interference. Travis' firearms ID card was revoked by authorities who also seized his guns, though, investigators suppose, his father restored them.

The shooting didn't constitute an unpredictable event; neither was it a chance tragedy. It comprised a man's act who displayed distinct traces of hostility and mental infirmity and who was declared by authorities unsuitable to own a gun.

Travis Reinking, suspect formerly arrested near White House

The Secret Service arrested Travis in July last for attempting to access a prohibited area close to the White House, ostensibly seeking an appointment with the President. This led the FBI to approach the state of Illinois and request to revoke Travis' firearm Identity card as they regarded him as an obvious threat. Officials also confiscated from Travis Reinking a Bushmaster AR-15 style rifle, a 9 mm Kimber handgun, a Remington 710, a CZ-USA .22-caliber rifle and haphazard ammunition, as per sheriff's report of Tazewell County, Illinois.

The Bushmaster was retrieved from the Waffle House firing.

However, that wasn't the first occasion Travis had violated the law and exhibited symptoms of psychological discomfort. A month before, he was unruly, shouting and revealing himself at a swimming pool - Jeffrey Reinking was advised by a sheriff to put his son's guns under locking.

And during the previous year, the police was called by Travis' parents as Travis became definite that he was being stalked by pop star Taylor Swift. Travis more recently picked a car and directed police in a chase, though he was not taken in custody.

Jeffrey Reinking gave back Travis' guns to him on at least 3 separate occasions, despite these repeated and worrisome patterns, according to authorities.

The families of the persons allegedly murdered by Travis Reinking should also sue his father to his last penny. Their beloved ones have been lost - their personal lives have degraded into chaos - due to this shooting.

Guardians of mentally suffering children obviously face considerable difficulties, and we are unaware of the happenings at the Reinking household. The large proportion of mentally challenged people don't physically injure anyone else, however, numerous persons carrying acute depressive and different psychological problems do hurt themselves. It seems that Travis had not endangered anyone, though he was supposedly grappling with suicidal tendencies well before the shooting at Waffle House, which renders it still more worrisome that he was permitted access to guns by his own father.

Furthermore, gun ownership might have been prevalent in the Reinking family tradition or the local culture, something popularly done which may sound strange to residents of states with stricter gun laws, as though returning guns to a troubled young man is no big deal. But the problem arises from this irresponsibility; it's fuelled by reactionary politics and displays a cultural model that warrants condemnation and also criminal penalties.

Why Americans don't respond to mass shootings

Jeffrey Reinking doesn't comprise the sole parent who needs to be accountable for any callous and harmful decisions in the matter of guns. Gun violence is so popular in the USA that when a child obtains an unsecured gun and murders or hurts a friend or sibling, it hardly records outside the regional news.

Nevertheless, those grown-ups on whose guard this occurs should also be considered responsible and should undergo jail time. These shootings rank as accidents, though similar to drunken driving collisions, they do not constitute inescapable acts of God. Whenever a child gets access to a loaded gun, grave death or harm is reasonably anticipated.

This recent mass shooting constitutes one more tragedy among the lengthy list of made-in-USA tragic gun violations. While we strive to revamp the gun legislation that renders our country a gun-death exception among peacetime states, we should certainly highlight the large picture, effective laws - though we shouldn't disregard the ones that demand us to be enlightened citizens, and fix accountability for those who let guns land in the wrong hands.